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Blend Superfood Cafe

Our mission from the beginning has always been to provide our community with nutrient-fueled concoctions on the go and to spread the word on the many ways food and movement can create long-term health and wellness.
This is why our cafe exists; so that there is a place for those who don’t know where to start with their nutrition, those who want to make a change but need a little guidance, and those who already embody food as fuel and need a quick healthy option before heading into work, or other daily activities.
We pride ourselves on providing the cleanest ingredients that supply benefits, and not only are our products delicious but they make you feel GOOD. There is nothing on the shelves that we don’t trust to have the cleanest list of ingredients, meaning no sketchy chemicals, no copious amounts of refined sugar, nothing that we don’t feel confident about putting into our bodies.
Our hope is that we can provide a beautiful space for our community to gather and enjoy the wellness journey with us. We are inspired by the people we meet, their experiences and advice. We hope we connect everyone through our love and passion for nutrient-fueled concoctions.